Auf einem schmalen Tisch ist transparentes Becken auf einer Kippvorrichtung befestigt. Im Becken befindet sich eine blau durchscheinende Flüssigkeit, die etwas mehr als die Hälfte des Beckens füllt. Zwei Kinder stehen an den gegenüberliegenden Enden des Tisches und kippen das Becken. An der Oberfläche der Flüssigkeit sind Wellen zu sehen.

Science Center Spectrum

Science Center Spectrum is a building full of experiments – an entirely hands-on museum where visitors can have fun learning about the fundamentals of science and technology.

Welcome to Our World of Experiments!

Drei Kinder betrachten sich im Spiegel und sehen ihr Spiegelbild unendlich oft.
Im Spiegelsaal erzeugen zwei parallele Spiegel unzählig viele Spiegelbilder.
SDTB / C. Kirchner

More than 150 interactive exhibits invite visitors to explore the fundamentals of science and technology. Our mottoes are “Play and Marvel,” “Look and Touch,” and “Laugh and Learn.” The experiments are all related to everyday life and technology, thus making them exciting and accessible to visitors of all ages. Our world of experiments is divided into eight thematic areas spread across four floors. Even the youngest scientists (ages four and up) will have loads to discover!

Science Center Spectrum is an interactive learning environment outside of the traditional school milieu. It thus stands in the tradition of public science outreach inspired by the ideas of Alexander von Humboldt and embodied in Urania Berlin (in operation from 1888 to 1928). It began in 1983 under the name Versuchsfeld (literally “testing ground”) with various activities within the Deutsches Technikmuseum. In 1990 it then moved into its own building. That makes Science Center Spectrum the oldest existing science center in Germany.