Vertikale Streifen in verschiedenen Blautönen. Unterbrochen von unterschiedlich breiten schwarzen Linien. In einem der linken Streifen ist ein einfarbiges, gerastertes Bild eines Jungen zu sehen, der eine Lupe hält.

Light and Vision

What exactly is light, and how does it spread? How are images created in mirrors and lenses? And how do we see them with our eyes? Is there a relationship between light and color?

What Is Light?

Enter our darkened area and explore how sunlight and artificial light can be broken up into their component colors. There is much more to see, including a hall of mirrors, a rainbow without water, and stations to mix colors and cast shadows.

Zwei junge Frauen beobachten, wie sie im Licht farbiger Scheinwerfer bunte Schatten werfen.
Im Licht von farbigen Scheinwerfern werden auch die eigenen Schatten bunt.
SDTB / C. Kirchner


Light is a fascinating phenomenon. “Light rays” show how mirrors, lenses, and other optical devices like telescopes and microscopes work. But light also has qualities that make it similar to ocean waves.

Light itself is invisible to people, but it makes objects visible. Under certain conditions, light can even make substances luminescent or phosphorescent.

Drei Kinder betrachten sich im Spiegel und sehen ihr Spiegelbild unendlich oft.
Im Spiegelsaal erzeugen zwei parallele Spiegel unzählig viele Spiegelbilder.
SDTB / C. Kirchner


Several of the experiments in this section allow you to test your vision. Obviously, these tests can’t replace a visit to the ophthalmologist or optician. But they can illustrate the methods used to identify visual impairments.