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Go get it: Annual Pass!

Experience technology for a year with the annual ticket at the German Museum of Technology. Give away joy for the whole year!

What does the Annual Pass offer me?

The annual ticket offers unlimited access to all special and permanent exhibitions within one year at the special price of 40 euros (reduced rate 22 euros).

Simply for you or as a gift.

The annual pass is valid from the first visit to the exhibition and is issued on site. It is personal and non-transferable.


My advantages:

  • Free admission all year round
  • Free admission to all permanent and special exhibitions
  • Worth it after your fourth visit
  • Skip the line and go directly to the entrance

Where can I get the Annual Pass?

The ticket is conveniently available in the online ticket store.

And at our museum at the information desk at the ticket counter in Trebbiner Straße (main entrance).