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We are on board: the KulturPass!

Deutsches Technikmuseum is participating in the "Kulturpass" or "Culture Pass" program. The program provides a 200-euro voucher for anyone celebrating his or her 18th birthday in 2023.

What is the KulturPass?

Ein Plakatr im 70-er jahre Design wirbt für den KulturPass. Die Farben sind Pink, Blau und Schwarz.

The KulturPass is a federal government program for anyone whose 18th birthday falls within 2023. They are to receive a 200 euro credit upon turning 18 years old which they can spend on tickets, CDs, records and much more.

This makes all local culture that much more accessible while at the same time increasing demand for cultural products.

Deutsches Technikmuseum is taking part! The KulturPass can be used to buy tickets for our museum and the associated Science Center Spectrum.

The advantages for you:

  • You get 200 euros to spend on cultural products
  • Be informed about exhibitions, books, music media and much more
  • Discover new cultural activities in the KulturPass app
  • Support local providers of cultural products

How do I get a KulturPass?

That is quickly and easily done! Information on how to register can be found here on the project website:

Website KulturPass

How does the KulturPass work?

For all 18 year olds: Anyone living in Germany and celebrating their 18th birthday in 2023 can register for the KulturPass. The registration is verified by the online identification procedure. Then a 200-euro credit is made available, which can be spent for all the offers found in the KulturPass app. That will include things like admission tickets for concerts, theater performances, movies, museums or parks as well as books, recording media, sheet music or musical instruments. The chosen product is reserved via the app and then picked up on site.

We hope you have a lot of fun with your KulturPass!