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Fünf Mädchen experimentieren an einem Tisch. Ein Mädchen hält eine Glasflasche, aus der ein Stab mit Kugel an der Spitze ragt, an einen kleinen Metallkegel, der auf einer kleinen runden Platte mit glatter, schwarzer Oberfläche steht.

Milestones School Lab

The Milestones School Lab takes young people on a journey back in time. Using reproductions of historical equipment, young people perform significant experiments from the past in the realms of optics and electricity.

Standing on the Shoulders of Giants

Zwei Jungen sitzen an einem Tisch. Vor ihnen, auf einer dunklen Tischplatte, liegen ein Blatt Papier, zwei silberne, metallische Hütchen sowie eine kleine runde Korkplatte mit dunkler Oberfläche und Staubmuster. Der Junge rechts hält seine Hand mit einem hellen Stoffbeutel über die Korkplatte. Aus dem Beutel heraus staubt ein Pulver.
Wegweisende Entdeckungen wie Lichtenberg-Figuren können im Schülerlabor Meilensteine nach-experimentiert werden.
SDTB / C. Kirchner

In a letter from 1675, Isaac Newton penned his famous dictum, “If I have seen further, it is by standing on the shoulders of giants.” That’s the spirit that animates the Milestones School Lab. It introduces two major scientists from the past, such as Isaac Newton or Alessandro Volta, and then leads students through some of their key experiments. The “Opticks” and “Electricity” programs complement school curricula and are aimed at students from 5th to 10th grade. They expand on concepts introduced in other parts of Science Center Spectrum.

Historical Experiments in a Special Setting

Performing experiments with replicas built on the basis of laborious research in original sources is a special experience. While using this equipment, students must confront the same challenges faced by scientists of the past. They work with standard materials of the time like lycopodium powder and resin. In addition, they consult written sources, such as letters and descriptions, which shed light on the scientists’ life and work. By seeing how ideas and insights were exchanged, they also develop an understanding for how scientific communication worked in the past.

Please note: The programs in the Milestones School Lab are currently not bookable.