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The printer stands at the printing press. A lithographic stone and a printed sheet with the motif of a bee can also be seen.

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We make our research findings public in many ways, including participation in the International Day of Provenance Research, in online exhibitions as well as in articles and blog posts.

Our objective

Assuring that the work and the results of its provenance research are completely transparent and that it is communicated to as many people as possible are top priorities for the Deutsches Technikmuseum. It is that goal that prompts the provenance research team to, for example, take part in the annual "International Provenance Research Day”, to conduct online exhibitions, to write articles and to give lectures.


Online exhibitions

Lithographic stone with a Paul Pittius advertising slogan: (For congratulations and holiday greetings, choose cards from Paul Pittius)
Lithographic stone with an advert for Paul Pittius
SDTB/ Foto: C. Kirchner

Online exhibitions give the museum the opportunity to present both research findings and objects from its collection to a large number of people without their having to actually visit the Deutsches Technikmuseum in Berlin. The team plans to create an online exhibition on the topic of provenance research every year.

Prölß, Peter and Weber, Elisabeth: Lithography Stones Speak. Lithography Stones Speak The Story of the Gerson Brothers and the Paul Pittius Print Shop. Virtual exhibition in the Deutsche Digitale Bibliothek (German Digital Library), issued on March 13, 2023. Here is the link directly to the online-exhibition.

Boegner, Katja, Kubowitsch, Nina and Prölß, Peter: Shopping in the GDR. Purchases made in the GDR by the West Berlin Museum of Transport and Technology. Virtual exhibition in the German Digital Library. Published on 10.4.2024. Click here to go directly to the online exhibition.


Provenance Research Day

The International Provenance Research Day takes place every year on the second Wednesday of April. It is coordinated by the Arbeitskreis Provenienzforschung e.V., an association in which researchers are able to organize and exchange ideas. 

Blogbeitrag: Hafen ohne Herkunft – Ein Werk des Berliner Malers Benno Wulfsohn

from Martin Brennigk, Peter Prölß and Elisabeth Weber

Founding meeting for the AG Technisches Kulturgut on April 29, 2022 (veröffentlicht unter anderem hier)

Blogbeitrag: Von Brücken und Büchern

from Elisabeth Weber, Peter Prölß and Sebastian Finsterwalder

Blogbeitrag: Von der Nähnadel bis zum „Rosinenbomber“– Provenienzforschung im Deutschen Technikmuseum in Berlin



Day of Printing Arts

The printer stands at the printing press. A lithographic stone and a printed sheet with the motif of a bee can also be seen.
Demonstration of a printing press on "Art of Printing Day"

The Day of Printing Arts is organized by the Professional Association of Visual Artists Berlin (BBK). Each year, on the 15th of March, it serves to celebrate the anniversary of the recognition of traditional printing techniques as intangible heritage by the German Council of UNESCO.

In 2023 and 2024, the DTM organized guided tours and practical exhibitions relating to the Day of Printing Arts subject matter.

Thematic guided tours with Peter Prölß: The Paul Pittius Print Shop and the fate of its owners Julius and Martin Gerson, who were persecuted as Jews, as well as demonstrations of lithographic printing by museum demonstrator Stefan Krämer.


Object of the Month in the Deutsches Technikmuseum

Heinrich Hirschberg's bookplate shows a table with an open book on it in the foreground. The view through the window in the background is the silhouette of a factory.
Bookplate from Heinrich Hirschberg's guestbook
SDTB/ Foto: C. Kirchner

For many years, the Deutsches Technikmuseum presented an "Object of the Month" for each month. The program has in the meantime been discontinued.


Essays and articles

Essays and articles regularly provide an insight into the overall work and current research projects of the Provenance Research team at the Deutsches Technikmuseum. They can be found here:

  • Prölß, Peter: Dubiose Einkäufe. Alte Maschinen aus der DDR, in: Kultur & Technik. Das Magazin des Deutschen Museums, hrgs. von Deutsches Museum München, Heft 4/2023, S. 38-39.