Viele bunte Spielzeugroboter in unterschiedlichen Größen und Formen stehen bildfüllend nebeneinander.


Here is a list of contact people at the Stiftung Deutsches Technikmuseum Berlin.

Director’s Office

General Information

Chiara Bellini

Main Office

Phone 030 90 254 0

Wilma Stegmann

Main Office

Phone 030 90 254 0

Public Relations

Steffi Hengst

Office Communications, Film and Photo Requests
Public Relations and Marketing

Phone 030 90 254 193

Location & Events

Digital Strategy


Outreach und Inclusion

Archive and Library

Curatorial Affairs

Peter Schwirkmann

Provisional Chief Curator
Provisional Curator Printing and Papermaking, Living and Building

Phone 030 90 254 157

Science Center Spectrum

Collections Services


Technical Services

Information Technology