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Campaign motif of the German Museum of Technology: Colorful exclamation marks and the slogan "Take a stand! For Democracy and Human Rights"ms: Bunte Ausrufezeichen und der Schriftzug "Haltung zeigen! Für Demokratie und Menschenrechte."

Take a stand!

For Democracy and Human Rights

The situation has become serious. The time has come to take a stand!

Anti-democratic and far-right forces promise supposedly simple solutions to complex problems.

Our society is facing a multitude of difficult challenges. Dealing with these challenges is not an easy task and often gives rise to social conflicts and differences of opinion that lead to significant societal tensions.

In a democracy, such differences of opinion are not only tolerated but are objectively worked out as the struggle to find the best solutions unfolds.

Democracy means respect for human rights.

When right-wing extremists are planning to once again disenfranchise and deport people from within our midst on the basis of a nationalist ideology, it is high time to explicitly oppose such tendencies. This is an attack on the very foundations of our democracy.

This is why we are publicizing our message for all to see: Take a stand! For Democracy and Human Rights

We want to live in a society in which all people are accepted and respected in their diversity. There is no room for racism, anti-Semitism, Islamophobia, hate and social exclusion.

Join us!

As a public institution, it is particularly important for us to strengthen democracy and the respectful interactions with one another that it promotes. With this aim in mind, the Deutsches Technikmuseum is open to all democratically minded people and opposes all anti-democratic intentions.  

Take a stand! In the family, among friends, at work, in the local choir or sports club - in all places of social interaction. Say No to hate and demagoguery!